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When selling your items follow these tips to make the most money!

Due to Covid-19 we are required to hold items for 48 hours before processing.  Any items that are not freshly laundered and neatly folded in a bin or basket will not be accepted.  We cannot accept any items in any kind of bag.  Drop offs are contactless.  Please make sure your bins are labeled with your name, address & phone number.  When you arrive to drop off simply place your items in our designated drop off area.  We will call you once your items have been processed & are ready to be picked up. 

Thank you for helping us keep our shoppers and our staff safe & healthy!  

1. Prepare clothing by making sure it is freshly laundered. Check through the items to make sure there are no holes, stains, missing buttons or wash wear.

2. Remove pet hair from your items. If every piece of clothing is covered in pet hair, we are likely going to pass on most of it, even if it's great clothing we would normally buy, just because it will take quite a bit of time for our staff to get the clothing fur-free. Also many people are allergic to pets & we would hate for someone to try on the clothing and be left sneezing with watery eyes.

3. Neatly fold clothing items & put them in a laundry basket. For the safety of our employees we cannot accept clothing in trash bags. We love to see a seller walk through the door with organized baskets or bins, rather than a huge black trash bag that's starting to tear. Neat, well-folded clothing is easier to look through, so a buyer isn't likely to accidentally skip over a piece, which can sometimes happen in the garbage bag scenario. And maybe it's subconscious, but clothing presented neatly seems more valuable to a buyer than items tossed into trash bag. And the more valuable your clothing seems to a buyer, the higher she'll price it and the more money you'll get.

4. When we look at clothing we are looking for current styles, no more than 3 years old. The best way to make money selling clothing is to sell it as your child out grows it rather than hang on to it. We look at all brands of clothing, however name brands sell for more than store brands and will offer you the most money.

5. Toys should be in a clean working order and contain all pieces and accessories. With the amount of drop offs we process daily we do not have time to clean toys, even if they are great.

6. Infant equipment should be 5 years or newer and contain all accessories. The equipment should be clean and the cover freshly laundered.

7. Sell items to us on a regular basis. We have several sellers who have been selling items to us for years. We know that they are loyal to our store and they tell their friends about us. Plus, we've gotten to know them and consider them friends. When we're looking through the items of one of our regulars, we know the items are a good fit and will sell well for us which again, means more money for you!

The buyers do a great job at selecting items that meet the standards of Lil' Frog Fashions. We want to offer our shoppers the best deals on like new items. When a buyer passes on items it is due to holes, stains, odors, wash wear or because the item is outdated. When the above tips are followed you will find our buyers will make an offer on more of your items, which means more money for you!